Advanced therapy medicinal products: from the lab to the patient’s bed

téhrapie génique et cellulaire ; CAR-T ; MTIs ; médicaments thérapie innovante

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) explore new therapeutic approaches based on genome modification, manipulation of patient or healthy donor cells and other innovative methods, representing a major transition from traditional medicine to more personalized and targeted medicine.

Prophylactic or Therapeutic : what does the future hold for vaccines ?

vaccins innovation

Fuelled by decades of innovation, vaccines are an essential tool in the fight against disease. Historically focused on prophylaxis to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, new generations of vaccines are now being developed and/or are already available in other therapeutic areas including oncology. Historically focused on prophylaxis and infectious diseases, they are now opening up to new avenues of development, with a range of vaccine technologies, the positioning of vaccines as a new therapeutic tool, and the opening up of other therapeutic areas such as oncology.