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Therapeutic vaccines in oncology

MabDesign’s monthly market analyses give you an overview of projects in development and market dynamics for a given indication or technology, to help you better understand the constantly evolving market for biomedicines and biomanufacturing. This month, we focus on therapeutic vaccines in oncology.

Cancer is a major public health concern, and one of the world’s leading causes of death. One in five people will develop cancer in their lifetime, and around 20 million new cases of the disease are expected to be diagnosed by 2022 . The fight against this disease therefore remains a major challenge for modern medicine.

In this context, biotherapies represent an immense therapeutic hope. for the treatment of many types of cancer. Vaccines, historically prophylactic and focused on infectious diseases, are now emerging as a promising new therapeutic tool in oncology.

These new prospects are reflected in a rich pipeline of 866 projects at various stages of development, but also in a strong momentum illustrated by the entry into the pipeline of 97 new vaccine candidates in 2023, for oncology indications.

Pipeline of therapeutic vaccines in oncology by stage of development

projects in the pipeline
new projects in the pipeline in 2023

oncology therapeutic vaccine developers and geographies

acteurs pipeline vaccins thérapeutiques ; développeurs
développeurs de vaccins thérapeutiques ; distribution géographique

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Oncology therapeutic vaccines market

infographie vaccins thérapeutiques pipeline MabDesign

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Sources: MabDesign, GlobalData, WHO     

Date – February 2024