Our Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services

MabDesign expertise to support all your projects

As an industry association, MabDesign offers in-depth expertise in biotherapeutics and biomanufacturing. Associated to our extensive network of experts and key industrial stakeholders, combined with our scientific and business expertise, makes us the ideal partner to guide your project to success.

Our team offers a comprehensive, personalized consultancy service that meets the needs of all stakeholders in the industry: from rising start-ups and innovative biotech companies to ambitious major corporations. We also work with public institutions on their specific issues, leveraging in our extensive knowledge of the sector, its players and its stakes.

We organize our offer around four major areas: Innovation Financing, Marketing and Strategic Analysis, Business Development, and Scientific and Technical Watches.

offre conseil expert modulable consultants

Our comprehensive, modular offer enables us to support you with high-quality expertise in a promising and constantly evolving ecosystem. To get the most out of our support, you can combine our four areas of expertise at your convenience