Yumab – new international member

YUMAB bridges the gap between research innovation and novel therapies. Our advanced discovery platform provides access to challenging targets, enables new formats, and accelerates the development of human antibodies at a high success rate.

Let it be Consulting – new member

Let it be Consulting supports your transformation by piloting the change management required by your teams. We specialize in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, cosmetics and food industries.

Syncrosome – new member

Syncrosome provides robust drug efficacy data and valuable interpretation to help drug discovery companies evaluate the potential of their therapeutic compounds.

AFSSI – new member

AFSSI is the French association of Life Science Service and Innovation Companies.

Raumedic – new member

Backed by 70+ years of experience in processing polymer tubing, RAUMEDIC serves Pharma and Biopharma with first-class single-use tubing that exceeds expectations.

A3P – new member

A3P association has been uniting an international network of skills and experiences to meet the technological and regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical, bioproduction and cosmetic industry.

SCIEX – new member

SCIEX helps scientists in biopharma discovery, development and manufacturing to transform pipeline capacity and capability through the adoption of CE and LC-MS technologies.

PMT – new member

PMT has been a competitiveness cluster since 2005, bringing together more than 240 industrial members working in specialty subcontracting or developing high value-added products.

Hekat – new member

Hekat is developing a biomedical instrument capable of individually detecting, counting and sorting biological nano-objects (viruses, exosomes) at high speed according to specific markers.

Poly-Dtech – nouveau membre

Poly-Dtech développe des immunoessais (TR-FRET, Lateral Flow, multiplexing) à base de nanoparticules fluorescentes ultraperformantes pour améliorer la détection des biomarqueurs.

A new hub to support innovative AMR solutions for Biopharma Companies

S.O.L.V.E.- AMR – Solutions for Overcoming and Leveraging Versatile Efforts Against Microbial Resistance [Lyon – Dijon – Paris, Tuesday October 10th, 2023] – BIOASTER, Cynbiose, ICTA, and PharmaLex announced today a strategic collaboration that aims to help combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). As part of the initiative, the organizations will leverage their collective expertise and capabilities […]