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antibody-drug conjugates

Every month, MabDesign’s market analyses give you an overview of the market and its projects in development for a given indication or technology, to help you better understand the constantly evolving market of biologics and biomanufacturing. This month is focused on antibody-drug conjugates (or ADC).

Antibody-drug conjugates have made considerable progress in recent years and are currently enjoying phenomenal success in the medical and pharmaceutical world. By combining cytotoxic drugs withtumor antigen-specific antibodies, these innovative biotherapies can selectively target and destroy cancer cells. Unlike more conventional approaches, such as chemotherapy for example, this approach minimizes damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Currently, 13 ADCs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and over 1,100 candidates are in the pipeline, developed by 573 players.

Less than 30% of products in development have entered the clinical phase. The vast majority of projects target oncology indications, as illustrated by the top 3 targeted indications: non-small cell lung cancer, HER2-positive or triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC).

products on the market
products in development

antibody-drug conjugates in development: active pipeline

Top 3 indications

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new** ADCs in 2022

* Indications “Solid Tumor not defined” are not included in this analysis

**Entering the pipeline in the “discovery” or “preclinical” categories

Recent deals in immunoconjugates also demonstrate the dynamic nature of this market. 4 of the 10 biggest deals recorded in 2023 involved players developing ADCs Pfizer acquires Seagen, an ADC expert, for $43 billion Merck signs massive partnership agreement with Daiichi Sankyo for $22 billion Abbvie acquires Immunogen, enriching its product portfolio for $10 billion, and BMS and SystImmune collaborate on the development of ADC for $8 billion.

Recent deals (2023)

pfizer deal seagen acquisition

Pfizer Inc. acquires Seagen Inc, a global biotechnology company that discovers, develops and markets transformative cancer drugs. The company’s total value is around $43 billion.

ADC, Daiichi Sankyo, Merck, deal, partnership, partenariat

Merck signs massive partnership agreement with Daiichi Sankyo for $22 billion. Merck will pay Daiichi for the rights to three ADCs in development.

ADC, cancer, immunogen, abbvie, acquisition

AbbVie has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ImmunoGen for $10.1 billion on November 30, 2023. AbbVie thus acquires ELAHERE®, ImmunoGen’s flagship cancer therapy.

systimmune, BMS, ADC, deal, partnership

Bristol Myers Squibb and SystImmune have agreed to jointly develop and commercialize BL-B01D1, a bispecific antibody drug conjugate for solid tumors, in a deal worth up to $8 billion.

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Antibody conjugate pipeline (ADCs)

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Sources: MabDesign, GlobalData

Date – March 2024

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