25 February 2019

PX’Therapeutics, a French pioneer in the production of customized recombinant proteins, offers custom-made protein production for academic laboratories, companies and start-up that require quality proteins to perform preliminary studies (in-vitro/in-vivo). Since the beginning of 2019, PX’ has refocused its services to R & D grade activities and stopped its GMP bioproduction services. This strategic evolution will allow PX’ to focus on the early stage projects of its customers and meet their demands with increased responsiveness, with tailor-made programs that best meet their quality needs and deadlines. This development is accompanied by a merger with its sister company PROMISE Advanced Proteomics, that specializes in protein analysis by mass spectrometry. This synergy allows PX’ to provide its clients with new cutting-edge analytical services, previously outsourced, for the characterization of finished products (such as proteins, antibodies, peptides) A complete service offer, a team dedicated to each project, proven experience of almost 20 years on more than 1000 projects, and customer satisfaction of over 95% demonstrates that PX’Therapeutics is your partner of choice for the development and production of your proteins and antibodies.

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