ProteoGenix and Cizzle Biotechnology Collaboration Forges New Paths in Early Detection of Lung Cancer through Innovative Antibody Development

29 April 2024

Schiltigheim, France, April 25th, 2024ProteoGenix, a leading antibody development contract research organization (CRO), in a landmark collaboration with Cizzle Biotechnology Holdings PLC, an innovative UK-based diagnostics developer, announces the successful development of new antibodies targeting the CIZ1B biomarker, which is closely associated with early-stage lung cancer.

This innovation promises to transform early lung cancer detection, addressing the critical need for improved diagnostics in one of the world’s deadliest cancers. Lung cancer is responsible for over 1.6 million deaths each year, with only 16% of cases detected early due to current screening limitations(1). Through their successful hybridoma antibody development program, ProteoGenix and Cizzle Biotechnology aim to change this paradigm.

Prof. Dr. Allan Syms, Chairman of Cizzle Biotechnology said “The excellent collaboration with ProteoGenix has resulted in the generation of specific antibodies to add to our program to detect the CIZ1B cancer biomarker which we have shown is present at the very earliest stages of lung cancer. Our aim is to improve patient survival rates through early detection when surgical or other therapeutic intervention is possible.”

Philippe Funfrock, CEO of ProteoGenix, said, “Our partnership exemplifies the significant progress that can be made when innovative technologies and shared goals come together in the fight against cancer. We are excited about the potential of this non-invasive test to improve early detection and patient outcomes.”

As this blood test advances toward U.S. clinical trials and aims for rapid commercialization, this collaboration sets a new industry standard in the fight against lung cancer, by combining ProteoGenix’s expertise in antibody development with Cizzle’s focus on lung cancer diagnostics. To know more