Angany and Phylloceuticals team up to accelerate Covid NAbs commercialization

29 March 2021

QUEBEC CITY, QC CANADA, Val-de-Reuil, Normandy, FRANCE and AUSTIN, TX, March 24th, 2021. Dr Louis-Philippe Vézina CEO of Angany, and Mr. Bill Brydges, CEO of Phylloceuticals announce today that the two companies will team up to accelerate the development of a preventive and curative product based on neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (NAbs) against SARS CoV-02 and its variants.

Angany recently announced the successful production of NAbs derived from the plasma of COVID 19 patients using Angany’s plant-based production platform.  This work, in collaboration with Pr. Rogier W. Sanders and Dr Marit van Gils of University Medical Centers in Amsterdam (Amsterdam UMC), demonstrated the efficacy of therapeutic NAbs rapidly developed for COVID-19 and its variants.  This approach represents an anti-viral treatment that adds another pharmaceutical weapon against viral disease, one that can adapt quickly to the ongoing problem of viral mutation. To know more