AGS Therapeutics Strengthens its Patent Portfolio on MEV with an International Patent Application

7 août 2023

AGS Therapeutics Strengthens its Patent Portfolio on Microalgae Extracellular Vesicles (MEV) with an International Patent Application on Biodistribution and Uses of MEVs as Universal Delivery System to Reach Difficult-to-Access Tissues

MEVs can be seen as a universal delivery system for innovative therapeutics, and as a non-viral gene therapy vector. MEVs can be exo-loaded with all kinds of therapeutic modalities for delivery through multiple modes of administration. They overcome stringent biological barriers and reach difficult to access tissues, providing the potential to overcome challenges faced by other delivery systems.

PARIS, FRANCE, August 7, 2023 – AGS Therapeutics, a preclinical-stage biotech company pioneering microalgae extracellular vesicles (MEV) as a new delivery system for innovative therapeutics, announced the recent publication of its PCT Application No. PCT/EP2023/051650 – Publication – WO2023144127, entitled Extracellular Vesicles from Microalgae, their Biodistribution upon Administration, and Uses.

“MEVs can be efficiently exo-loaded with either mRNA, siRNA, plasmid-DNA, ASO, peptides, or proteins, and can be used to deliver their payloads to various specific tissues and organs, which have been so far either difficult or impossible to access by current alternative systems like mammalian EVs, LNPs, or viral gene therapy vectors” said AGS Chief Operating Officer Lila Drittanti.
The published patent application highlights the rare capacity of MEVs to overcome biological barriers, and to deliver biologically active payloads to so far difficult-to-access tissues.
– When orally administered, MEVs pass through the stringent conditions of the stomach and, after reaching the intestine, they deliver their payload in the enterocytes of the intestinal epithelium. In a world’s first, we have shown that mRNA can be delivered and expressed in the intestine upon oral administration. Furthermore, active enzymes loaded in MEVs keep their biological activity after oral administration and delivery. En savoir plus