Training Course “Target Product Profile”

20 September 2016

Last June, MabDesign run its first innovative training course on the Target Product Profile (TPP), a strategic development process tool that was originally developed through a joint collaboration between the FDA and the biopharmaceutical industry.

When asked the question “would you recommend the training course to other colleagues, other company departments or partners?” all the participants answered “yes”!


Step by step the 14 attendees went through the whole process of elaborating a TPP, a living document that leverages a multidisciplinary approach and drives cross-functional strategies. Beyond facilitating discussions with the regulatory authorities, a well-structured and disciplined TPP process also leads to a more effective and robust product development.
Back to the office, I am planning to share what I have learned with my colleagues. This one-day training made me realized that we should involve a wider multidisciplinary team in our current TPP”, said one of the participant.

I feel really happy when at the end of the day the participants realize the benefits that their organization can gained by using a TPP when developing a mAb” said Sandrine Hubert, speaker for this course.

Two new sessions will be proposed in October (Lyon) and in December (Paris), dates to follow soon.

This programm is also available for in-house training courses.

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