Tataa Biocenter – new international member

28 June 2024
New member

Pioneering large-scale PCR innovation
We use the latest technologies, proprietary methods and over 20 years of expertise to develop, validate and analyze high-throughput PCR- and NGS-based methods for biopharmaceutical companies worldwide.
We specialize in the precise quantification of RNA and DNA targets in complex biological samples. Our expertise lies in the detection of nucleic acid-based therapeutics for bioanalysis, biomarker quantification and other advanced applications relevant to development programs in cell and gene therapy, advanced therapy and RNA therapy.
We offer a full range of customized services for drug development programs. With over twenty years’ expertise in nucleic acid analysis and sample preparation, we excel in sample extraction and quality assessment, method development and validation, and biomarker analysis using state-of-the-art, well-tuned technologies.
A GLP- and ISO17025-accredited, GCLP-compliant laboratory
The TATAA Biocenter is accredited by the Swedish Accreditation and Conformity Assessment Council (SWEDAC) for compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. We also adhere to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) guidelines, which are international quality standards governing the GLP analysis of clinical trial samples. To know more