Polyplus Acquires e-Zyvec to Expand Expertise in plasmid DNA Vector Engineering

4 February 2022

Strasbourg, France, February 1, 2022 – Polyplus, a leading provider of upstream process solutions for advanced biologic and cell and gene therapy production from research to commercial grade, today announces the acquisition of e-Zyvec, a provider of DNA design and production services for tailor-made DNA vectors for gene-therapy, bio-manufacturing and research. Financial details were not disclosed.

“When we launched e-Zyvec 5 years ago, the idea was to bring a different type of genetic engineering service to the market, leveraging today’s digital technology. Moving forward, we are excited to now join an established market leader like Polyplus where we will have the resources and capacity to continue developing and growing the e-Zyvec platform,” said Sylvain Julien, President and Co-Founder at e-Zyvec.

“Thanks to our innovative conception and assembly of DNA molecules, we are able to propose tailor-designed vectors that provide options that add value to each customer process. Joining the Polyplus team is an organic transition for our team, enabling us to expand this technology across the global market. Our full team will carry forward in their current roles, delivering a layer of expertise and human capital that is invaluable in today’s market,” said Carine Morel, Managing Director and Co-Founder at e-Zyvec.

“Polyplus is evolving and growing, and this latest acquisition is an example of our strategy in action. We will continue to build out the existing portfolio, which is strong on its own, by adding complementary activities that make us a more effective and comprehensive partner to our customers, with a focus on expanding process economics optimization efforts for cell and gene therapy developers and manufacturers,” Mario Philips, CEO of Polyplus commented.

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