GEG Tech – nouveau membre

29 mai 2024

GEG Tech’s mission is to design safe and powerful innovations deriving from genetic engineering. The GEG Tech platform offers a unique selection of high-performance nanoparticles for genetic engineering: R&D and therapeutic solutions. DNA-One has unmatched efficacy in a wide range of applications, making it the most powerful vector for a wide range of applications requiring robust gene expression. RNA-One is an unique nanoparticle developed for biomedical applications. RNA-One provides an exceptionally high level of biosafety without compromising its effectiveness and while embarking large payloads with a potential precision targeting function. VLP-One opens new possibilities for applications where biosafety is the primary concern.

GEG-Tech nanoparticles are nature-inspired, which is an excellent technique to design and manufacture high-performance systems. GEG Tech nanoparticles mix viral and non-viral components such as lipid bilayers or capsids; they are manufactured using biologic systems, imparting excellent stability and efficacy as well as the capacity to target specific cells or tissues and deliver large payloads. These characteristics make these nanoparticles an effective delivery strategy for primary cells or in vivo applications. To know more