Croda announces two new partnerships to drive sustainable delivery systems for the pharmaceutical industry

23 mai 2023

Croda announces two new partnerships

19 May 2023: Croda International Plc (Croda) today announced that it has signed two new partnership agreements that will help the pharmaceutical industry move towards a more sustainable supply chain for vaccine adjuvants.

The first partnership is an exclusive license agreement with Amyris, a leading synthetic biology company, for the supply of biotechnology-derived, pharmaceutical grade squalene used in adjuvants to boost immune responses. Squalene is commonly sourced from shark liver whereas Amyris’ sustainable squalene is derived from sugarcane, providing an identical molecule with higher purity.

The second partnership is with Botanical Solutions Inc (BSI) to produce a sustainable pharmaceutical grade QS-21 vaccine adjuvant which enable the production of next generation adjuvant systems for new vaccine development. Today, QS-21 is produced by harvesting mature soap trees to extract QS-21 from the bark, whereas BSI’s adjuvant is derived from plant tissue culture. En savoir plus.